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HIV prevention pill welcomed as new tool in AIDS battle

A newly approved pill to prevent HIV infection is creating hope for inroads in the global fight against AIDS, though questions about its cost, access and appropriate uses remain.
Q&A with Annual Meeting keynote speaker Reed Tuckson

Q&A with Annual Meeting keynote speaker Reed Tuckson

A prominent leader in public health and lifelong advocate of reducing health disparities, Reed Tuckson will be a keynote speaker at the opening session of APHA's 140th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, on Oct. 28. Read the full interview in the September 2012 issue of The Nation's Health.

Prevention and Public Health Fund paying off in communities

In Iowa, dental practices are expanding tobacco and blood pressure screenings. In Hennepin County, Minn., a new system is linking patients with clinical and community programs. And in Wisconsin, advocates are working to implement smoke-free policies in low-income housing.