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Today’s news: County health rankings encourage action, Nurses in high demand, Day 4 of National Public Health Week coverage

County health comparisons encourage action at the local level. Skilled nurses are in high demand, with rising costs of health care. Day 4 of National Public Health Week, themed around issue of reproductive and sexual health, garners media coverage. All this and more, rounding up today's public health news on Thursday, April 5, 2012. ...

Today’s news: Continued coverage of National Public Health Week – Day 3

Around the nation, communities continue to observe National Public Health Week, Day 3. Today's headlines include a round-up of news coverage from across America, as locally and nationally, people are coming together to raise awareness about the importance of public health, Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

Today’s news: Communities around the nation celebrate National Public Health Week 2012

As National Public Health Week kicks off today, communities around the nation draw conversations and attention to the importance of public health. Read about what various communities are doing in recognition of National Public Health Week in today's headlines, Monday, April 2, 2012.

Today’s news: rise in autism, impressions from Supreme Court health law case, risks of sedentary lifestyles

According to recently reported national rates, autism is on the rise again, which may be a reflection of better screening and diagnosis; following the conclusion of the three day hearings, comments on the Supreme Court health care case; and added incentive to get up and move, as new study reports too much sitting increases the...

Today’s news: closing day of Supreme Court hearings, health benefits offered from pets, climate change report

Today concludes the third day of the Supreme Court's review of the health-care law; study reports good news for chocoate lovers; a recently released report on climate change is now available. These top stories and more rounding up the morning public health news for Thursday, March 29, 2012.

Today’s headlines: Supreme Court hears health care law arguments

Over the next three days, the Supreme Court will hear cases challenging the health care law's central requirement - that all Americans receives health insurance. This morning's headlines follow this historical case, providing further insight and the latest coverage on Monday, March 26, 2012.

Study: Doctor’s attitude about race may influence patient visit

Clinicians’ attitudes about race are associated with markers of poor communication during patient visits and poor ratings, particularly among black patients, reports a new study published yesterday in the American Journal of Public Health.

Today’s news: Red meat linked to heart disease, Campbell’s goes BPA-free, health exchange rules issued

Harvard study finds that red meat raises the risk of dying from heart disease or cancer by as much as 21 percent; the Obama administration released broad new operating rules for state-run health insurance exhanges; Campbell's soup goes BPA-free after health advocacy groups reported on its previously high levels. Read about these and other public...

Study: Risky health behaviors reduced among lesbian, gay and bisexual youth who live in supportive religious climates

Lesbian, gay and bisexual youth who live in communities with a supportive religious climate are less likely to engage in risky health behaviors, finds a new study in APHA’s American Journal of Public Health.

New APHA policies address a range of public health concerns

APHA adopted 23 policies at its 139th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., in late 2011. Passed by APHA’s Governing Council, the newly adopted policies address a broad range of public health issues, from reproductive health to public health education and workforce. Learn more about the policies.

Blood clot guidelines, dementia screening, Facebooking could hurt self-esteem

New blood clot guidelines dispel myth that flying economy-class increases your chances of dangerous blood clots. Three new studies examine how Facebooking can hurt self-esteem when falling into the trap of social comparison. Another reason to quit smoking- new evidence suggests it can take a toll on memory. Wal-Mart plans to use simple labels to...

Scare tactic health ads, sickness on US cruise ships, sugar — the new drug

New York City health department defends its use of scare tactics in latest health ads, aimed at changing health behaviors. A third U.S.-based cruise ship experienced an outbreak of stomach illness among passengers. A recent study finds rate of child abuse higher that SIDS, yet doesn't receive the same attention. National Wear Red Day aimed...