APHA's 143rd Annual Meeting & Exposition is just weeks away!

APHA’s 143rd Annual Meeting & Exposition is just weeks away!

The leaves are falling, the air feels cooler and the grocery stores are filled with orange pumpkins and bite-sized candy bars. It all points to one much-anticipated event.
APHA Annual Meeting Blog: Download the APHA Annual Meeting mobile app!

APHA Annual Meeting Blog: Download the APHA Annual Meeting mobile app!

For the third year in a row, meeting attendees can download the APHA Annual Meeting mobile app for easy access to all the information related to the Annual Meeting, including the massive meeting program.

Getting ready to face the future

CDC Deputy Director Judith Monroe kicked off an APHA Midyear Meeting session Wednesday with jellyfish. Not actual jellyfish. A story about jellyfish, as a metaphor for the kind of adaptation and transformation that public health must undergo.

Public health + medicine = healthy people

Medicine cannot exist without public health; public health cannot exist without medicine, said J. Michael McGinnis during Wednesday's APHA Midyear Meeting plenary session on integrating public health and clinical care.

Berwick: ‘The biggest risk of American health care today is that it will fail the moral test’

Former CMS Administrator Don Berwick addressed the 2012 APHA Midyear Meeting this week in Charlotte, N.C, addressing how public health can thrive in a changing health care landscape.

APHA’s Midyear Meeting: Shaping the future of public health

These are uncertain times for public health. Shrinking budgets, fewer resources, declining workforce numbers, growing disease numbers, changing health care systems and a historic health reform law with an unsure future. Public health has a lot on its (well-portioned) plate.

Learning from the lessons of history

The 2011 APHA Annual Meeting closed Wednesday with a riveting session on workplace safety and health, 100 years after the Triangle Fire, New York City's deadliest industrial disaster.

CDC’s Frieden talks winnable battles

Are you ready for battle? Because today's public health leaders are carving away at some of today’s greatest health risks. In fact, when approached from a winnable battles framework, anything is possible, said CDC Director Tom Frieden Wednesday at the APHA Annual Meeting.

Recipes for disease: Efforts needed to close food safety gaps

'Wonderful and terrifying.' That’s how one audience member described a Tuesday presentation at the APHA Annual Meeting about the safety of our food supply.

The doctor is in

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin took a tour through the Public Health Expo Monday and had the chance to meet her many fans during the 2011 APHA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Leading the way to better health

"Healthy People unifies the drives action in a public way to make our country stronger and healthier," said Howard Koh, HHS assistant secretary for health, during Monday's launch of the "National Release of 2020 Leading Health Indicators" at the APHA Annual Meeting.

‘Stand up and insist on the impossible’

Community. It was the thread that tied the 2011 APHA Annual Meeting Opening Session together. Whether it was mental illness, health policy, social justice, health reform or the nation's natural wonders, it all came back to community.