Click here to read the Natural Resources Defense Council’s “Eight Things We Hate About Summer are Getting Worse with Climate Change … And What We Can Do About Them” tip sheet online. Photo by NRDC

It’s almost July Fourth weekend, but as you prepare for the outdoors make sure you don’t let climate change put you or your loved ones in danger.

This message — backed by climate and public health experts — describes the Natural Resources Defense Council’s tip sheet released yesterday, “Eight Things We Hate About Summer are Getting Worse with Climate Change …  And What We Can Do About Them.” APHA Associate Executive Director Susan Polan, PhD, joined experts from NRDC and the U.S. Department of Agriculture in a call with reporters to discuss summer health hazards made more severe by climate change, along with easy steps Americans can take to mitigate its impact.

“We know in public health that the basic issue is to get ready,” Polan said. “We need to be aware of climate events that are happening in our communities. And as we’re entering summer, people are taking vacations. So think about where you’re going and what kind of things you must be prepared for that you may not be concerned about at home.”

Climate change can impact your health this summer in many ways, including heat waves, bad air alert days, insect-borne diseases, poison ivy, sneezing and wheezing, food-borne illness, dangerous swimming conditions and ruined visits to national parks. NRDC’s tip sheet aims to prepare Americans to reduce risks of each of these health emergencies, and also calls for national action to limit carbon pollution that exacerbates climate change.

For more on how to stay safe this summer, check out quick hits from NRDC Executive Director Peter Lehner and APHA’s  Get Ready Campaign’s “Summer Safe” series, which features information you need to keep your summertime activities safe from disasters.