USA Today – Ebola patient getting experimental drug
Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed in the United States with Ebola, remains in critical condition, but is now receiving an experimental drug, hospital officials say.
The drug is brincidofovir, a broad-spectrum antiviral that has shown promise against Ebola in test tubes and is now being tested in animals, according to a statement from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where Duncan is being treated. It has not been tested against Ebola in humans.

NBC News – Obama ready to ramp up Ebola airport screening
The Obama administration is talking about ramping up screening of travelers who come from Ebola-infected countries. Many Americans are concerned that the virus may spread now that a patient has been diagnosed in Dallas. NBC News has learned that likely will mean adding CDC staffers at four airports: JFK in New York, Newark in New Jersey, Chicago and Washington Dulles. They’ll question travelers about where they have been and take their temperatures. A fever can be one of the first symptoms of Ebola infection, although it’s also a symptom of malaria, influenza and many other infections.

The Guardian – Tackling global warming will improve health, save lives, and save money
very recent study released in JAMA (Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Health) provides a very thorough review showing how climate change affects human health. Perhaps more importantly, the paper also describes how tackling climate change leads to many health and economic benefits.
Authors Jonathan Patz, Howard Frumkin and colleagues combined a survey of the current literature with measured and projected changes to climate to assess health risks associated with climate change. They report many things that we already know. For instance, some of the adverse health effects from climate change are heat-related (such as heat stress, increased cardiac arrests, reductions in work productivity, to name a few). 

The Washington Post – If you find Medicare sign-up rules confusing, read this
“Welcome to America’s hottest talk line. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press 1 now. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you . . . .”
Wait! I thought I was calling Social Security to ask a question about enrolling in Medicare.
It’s the first hour of my mission to sign up for Medicare and already I’m making mistakes. In this case, it’s minor (and amusing), misdialing the toll-free number by one digit. But it serves as a warning: There are many missteps I can make, some of them serious, if I’m not careful.

Fox News – Nobel discovery opens window to Alzheimer’s disease
The discovery of cells in the brain that act as the body’s internal global positioning system, which won three scientists the Nobel Prize for medicine on Monday, opens an intriguing new window onto dementia.
Since these spatial cells are among the first to be hit in Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia — explaining why sufferers often lose their way — understanding how they are degraded should shed important light on the disease process.