USA Today – FDA sets menu rules for food chains, other eateries
Consumers will no longer have to guess how many calories are in most of the foods they buy when they eat out.
On Tuesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will announce that it is making final two rules that require calorie information be listed on menus and menu boards at chain restaurants, grocery store take-out counters, convenience stores, theaters, amusement parks and vending machines with 20 or more locations. These rules do not apply to independent restaurants.
The rules are required under the Affordable Care Act.
The restaurant rules take effect in one year and the vending machine rules in two years.

Washington Post – For obese people, an increased risk of ‘silent’ heart damage, study says
Researchers from Johns Hopkins have identified a new risk for obese people: silent heart damage. In a study published in the October edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Heart Failure, the investigators found evidence that obesity is an “independent driver of heart muscle damage.”
Diabetes and high blood pressure are the best-known risk factors for the severely overweight, but in this new federally-funded study, which tracked thousands of middle-age and elderly adults in four states over more than 12 years, researchers discovered obese people who otherwise appear healthy may not be.

Wired – The US is stockpiling Ebola survivors’ plasma to treat future patients
Emory University Hospital will begin stockpiling blood plasma from Ebola survivors, treated with a pathogen inactivation system that’s never been used before in the United States, the company that developed the technology announced on Friday. So far, the US has had some amazing success in curing Ebola, possibly thanks to experimental plasma treatments. Drawn from survivors, the stuff comes enriched in antibodies that could help to fight off the disease—but it also has the potential to carry other diseases, like malaria, that are common in west Africa where Ebola is raging. The new system will kill off any extra contaminants that may be lurking in this potentially live-saving serum.

Fox Tampa Bay – Flu claims two children’s lives in Florida
The flu has claimed the lives of two Florida children, including one in Pasco County.
They are the first pediatric flu-related deaths in Florida this season, according to the Florida Department of Health website.
Officials would not provide the age or sex of the children, citing privacy laws, however they said both children suffered pre-existing health problems, which can cause complications once someone catches the virus.
The majority of flu deaths occur in people who have an underlying chronic condition. Pregnant women and children are also at higher risk.