The fate of stalled U.S. surgeon general nominee Vivek Murthy rests with the Senate this week.

Murthy, a physician and former president of health care advocacy group Doctors for America, has been in limbo since soon after being nominated to the post by President Barack Obama in November 2013. APHA and other advocates are strongly urging Senate leadership to take action on the nomination before the Senate wraps up the 113th Congress later this week.

“His nomination deserves our full support.” — Georges Benjamin

“Vivek Murthy is fully qualified to serve as our next surgeon general and should be confirmed by the U.S. Senate without delay,” APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD, said today in a statement.

Murthy’s prior statements about gun violence as a public health concern led some to oppose his nomination.

But according to Benjamin, Murthy has “undergone a full public vetting and weathered any criticisms. The few concerns that have surfaced during this period have shown no merit.”

Benjamin said the concern about guns “runs counter to mainstream, science-based medical opinion. His nomination deserves our full support.”

The post has been filled by Acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak since July 2013.

To urge for Murthy’s confirmation, take action on APHA’s website.