NBC News – Ebola Virus Lives 7 Days on Corpses
The Ebola virus can live in and on the body of a victim for as long as seven days, researchers reported Thursday in a finding that helps explain the insidious spread of the infection.
Public health experts have long known that touching the body of someone who’s died of Ebola is extremely dangerous. The World Health Organization said just this week that handling the bodies of victims — mostly during funeral rites — was fueling the continued spread of the virus in West Africa.

The Wall Street Journal – Obama Embraces Meme Cliches in HealthCare.gov Pitch
President Barack Obama used a “selfie stick” and riffed on the popular “Thanks Obama” Internet meme to plug the latest health-care signup deadline in a new video posted by BuzzFeed.
In a “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About” video for the social news and entertainment website, Mr. Obama took a photo of himself using a “selfie stick” device and an iPhone. He also muttered “Thanks Obama” when his cookie was too large to fit in a glass of milk — citing an Internet meme where trivial, everyday indignities are blamed on him. He concludes the video with “YOLO,” short for “you only live once.”

The New York Times – Obama Signs Suicide Prevention for Veterans Act Into Law
President Obama signed a measure into law on Thursday to fight a wave of suicide among veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress, a problem that has won increased attention as American troops have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq.
The measure, passed by unanimous votes in the House and Senate, was designed to make it easier for veterans to find mental health resources, do more to recruit and retain professionals to help them and increase accountability for the government programs serving them.

The Associated Press – Newtown Panel Issues Recommendations After School Shooting
A panel created by the governor after the deadly Newtown school shooting released a set of draft recommendations Thursday for improvements to school safety and changes to gun laws and the state’s mental health care system.
The 256-page draft report from the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission was posted online. The panel appointed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy gathered input over more than two years from experts and others, including victims’ family members. Members are expected to meet Friday to make modifications to the draft report and eventually present the final document to Malloy, possibly in early March.

Los Angeles Times – Diet and exercise alone are no cure for obesity, doctors say
A group of respected physicians has stepped forward to challenge the common assertion that obesity can be easily fixed by diet and exercise.
For most of the nation’s 79 million adults and 13 million kids who are obese, the “eat less, move more” treatment, as currently practiced, is a prescription for failure, these doctors say.
In a commentary published Thursday in the journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, four weight-loss specialists set out to correct what they view as the widespread misimpression that people who have become and stayed obese for more than a couple of years can, by diet and exercise alone, return to a normal, healthy weight and stay that way.