How did your state’s lawmakers vote on the most important public health issues last year? The Nation’s Health, APHA’s monthly newspaper, has the answers for you.

The publication’s annual congressional record, published in its February edition, examines five public health votes cast in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate during the second session of the 113th Congress in 2014. According to the article, “voting records are one way APHA members can hold their representatives and senators accountable for decisions made in the legislative process.”

House votes include fiscal year 2014 spending, abortion coverage, greenhouse gas regulations, the FY 2015 budget resolution and Clean Water Act regulations.

Senate votes include FY 2014 spending, federal minimum wage increases, contraceptive coverage in employer-based health care, an environmental laws exemption during disasters and the U.S. surgeon general confirmation.

Find out if your members of Congress supported public health at The Nation’s Health online.

Note: To read the votes online you must be an APHA member or online subscriber to the newspaper. You can also request copies of the votes from Don Hoppert, APHA’s director of government relations, at