Uncover Michigan – Study links loneliness to premature deaths
A new study conducted by researchers from the Brigham Young University in Utah revealed that loneliness not only affects a person mentally but it can even lead to early death among individuals.
The study’s findings showed that people who are always alone die at a younger age. Researchers for the study analyzed data of 35 years. The researchers for the study examined nearly 3 million participants for their study.
Researchers after the analysis of the data concluded that loneliness can cause physical as well as mental damage to a particular person.

TIME – Watching e-cig ads may increase the urge to smoke, study says
Seeing commercials for electronic cigarettes can increase the urge to smoke traditional cigarettes, a new study suggests.
Researchers at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania discovered that watching advertisements that showing vaping can increase the desire of current and former smokers to pick up a conventional cigarette.
In the new study, published in the journal Health Communication, the researchers assessed the urge to smoke among 301 daily smokers, 272 intermittent smokers and 311 former smokers. They then had the participants watch three e-cigarette commercials. Some of the commercials showed vaping, and others did not.

ABC News – Kraft singles is 1st food allowed to display ‘Kids Eat Right’ logo
Kraft Singles will soon display the “Kids Eat Right” logo from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics — and some observers worry consumers will get the wrong idea and view it as an endorsement.

The academy, the world’s largest organization of registered dietitians and nutrition professionals, said the appearance of the logo on the processed cheese product is not an endorsement or seal of approval. It’s more like an ad for Kids Eat Right, according to the academy, though, in a reversal of how most ads work, Kraft paid the advertiser — the academy — an undisclosed amount to place the logo.

“Kraft is putting the Kids Eat Right logo [on its packaging and] saying Kraft is a proud supporter of Kids Eat Right, not vice versa,” Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesman Ryan O’Malley said. “The academy has never once endorsed any product, brand or service, and we never will.”

USA Today – Funding, focus lacking for health care that gets results
As the Affordable Care Act pushes doctors and hospitals to join forces to slash health care costs, those with the least-expensive solutions say they’re still largely being ignored.
Community health groups and companies that specialize in healthy eating and fitness are arguing for more recognition of non-medical ways to prevent and treat chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Physicians and hospitals are rapidly forming what’s known as accountable care organizations (ACOs) to reduce the duplication of services and keep large groups of patients well. But community groups, which could be far less expensive partners, have to fight for a “seat at the table” on the doctor-dominated boards of ACOs, according to a 2014 report by a North Carolina physicians’ coalition.