The Wall Street Journal – U.S. ad campaign to challenge value of e-cigarettes in quitting smoking
The U.S. government for the first time is taking aim at electronic cigarettes in an advertising campaign, challenging their use as a tool to quit smoking.
Print and radio ads starting Monday target e-cigarette users who continue to smoke traditional cigarettes. They depict an e-cigarette user named Kristy alongside a caption that reads: “I started using e-cigarettes but kept smoking. Right up until my lung collapsed.”
The ads are part of the “Tips From Former Smokers” campaign launched in 2012 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to highlight the dangers of tobacco. Other ads in this year’s $50 million, 20-week campaign, which includes television spots, continue to focus on traditional cigarettes.

USA Today – Indiana to declare health emergency over HIV outbreak
Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday morning is expected to reveal details of an emergency plan to address an HIV epidemic in southeastern Indiana linked to intravenous drug use. But it’s not clear whether he will give the green light for clean needle exchange programs.
Just as Pence wrapped up a news conference Wednesday announcing his plans to declare a public health emergency in Scott County, a House panel embarked on a three-hour hearing on whether to pass an emergency amendment opening the door to needle exchange programs, which many medical experts believe are critical to curbing this outbreak and any others.
Since the middle of December, when the first case was identified, 72 people in five counties in the area — most of them from Scott County — have tested positive for HIV. HIV causes AIDS, a disease that weakens the immune system, gradually destroying the body’s ability to fight infections and certain cancers.

The Huffington Post – Don’t snooze on nutrition: See how foods affect sleep
We all know nutrition provides our bodies with fuel for the day, but what we eat also affects how we power down at night.
Research has found that certain nutrients in food can affect sleep, from how easy it is to fall asleep at a reasonable hour to the quality of rest we get throughout the night. See what you should munch on for better nights and what foods to skip.

The Washington Post – Justices appear split on EPA plan for cutting toxic energy-plant emissions
The Obama administration’s plan to limit emissions of mercury and other hazardous pollutants from coal- and oil-fired power plants encountered a wall of skepticism from the Supreme Court’s most conservative justices Wednesday.
The justices questioned whether the Environmental Protection Agency should have taken into account costs when it first decided to regulate the emissions. The agency said it was supposed to consider only health consequences and whether technology was available to correct the problem. It says costs were to be considered only when implementing the standards the plants were supposed to achieve.