“Occupational Safety and Health Policy” is an essential reference for professionals and advocates in the field. Photo by APHA.

APHA’s latest book,Occupational Safety and Health Policy,” explores the role of policy in improving workplace safety. The book, which looks at the background and use of occupational and health safety policy, is designed as a user-friendly, comprehensive reference for professionals and advocates in the field.

“The purpose of this book is to compile information useful for occupational safety and health professionals and advocates regarding policy formulation and implementation,” book author Melvin L. Myers, MPA, wrote in the book’s introduction. “Historical information is the foundation for this purpose, as precedent is important regarding relevant laws and incrementalism is an important aspect for policy evolution.”

“Occupational Safety and Health Policy” also examines how employers can make workplaces safer and healthier for employees and how regulation at the state and federal level can impact employee health. It discusses the concept of critical thinking and concludes that evidence-based argumentation is necessary to advocate for policy change.

“A lot of times I think, in teaching policy, we talk about what it is and not about how to make it work,” Myers told The Nation’s Health. “I tried to fill that gap. ‘How do you make that happen?’ People don’t really think about policy, because there’s no book out there about occupational health policy.”

You can order this book online via APHA Press; by calling our toll-free number, 888-320-APHA; by fax at 888-361-APHA; or by email at apha@pbd.org.