The Grand Rapids Press – Health care, business leaders welcome Gov. Rick Snyder’s wellness message
Michigan ranked 30th nationally in 2010 in the America’ Health Rankings report by the American Public Health Association. The state ranks among the nation’s worst states for obesity, 41st, according to America’s Health Rankings.

The Huffington Post – Fighting AIDS: At the Tipping Point
Thirty years since the first case of AIDS was diagnosed in the United States, the world finds itself at a tipping point in the fight against this deadly disease. For the first time, grounded in scientific evidence, our efforts can put us within reach of an AIDS-free generation.

Associated Press – CDC: La scores 100 in public health emergency prep
Louisiana and Mississippi got good grades on plans for dealing with public health emergencies and on their public health labs’ performance.

The White House Blog – One Million More Young Adults Have Coverage Thanks to Health Law
Last week we all got some great news when the Census Bureau released data showing that 500,000 more young adults in 2010 gained health coverage thanks to a provision of the Affordable Care Act that allows young adults to stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26.

BBC News – Car fumes ‘raise heart attack risk for six-hour window’
Breathing in heavy traffic fumes can trigger a heart attack, say UK experts. Heart attack risk is raised for about six hours post-exposure and goes down again after that, researchers found. They say in the British Medical Journal that pollution probably hastens rather than directly cause attacks.

WebMD – Survey: Two-Thirds of Americans Plan to Get Flu Vaccine
Nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults plan to be vaccinated against the flu this season, while seven in 10 parents say they’re likely to get their children immunized, according to new survey data.