Public health weddingSummer is officially here and for many, that means it’s also wedding season! While weddings are typically abundant with food, friends, family, love and dancing, we thought they could also use an infusion of public health. That’s why APHA’s Pinterest page, a social network which helps users find ideas and graphics to match their interests, has created “A Public Health Wedding” board to bring your passion for health into the big day.

Check out some of our favorite tips below, including:

  1. Consider an all vegetarian option for dinner. It can be healthier and more affordable too!
  2. Any new moms attending your special day? Consider providing a comfortable and private space for nursing moms at your venue.
  3. Add to your health-focused theme with fruit and vegetable centerpieces. They might even prove to be more affordable than typical flower centerpieces!
  4. Keep your guests hydrated with a fun- and colorfully-flavored water bar. Simply provide your guests with fruit-infused water. Throw in some mint, basil or cucumber to enhance the flavor even more!
  5. Ride off into the sunset on bicycles when the big day concludes. Active transportation can cut back on pollution and the cost of vintage cars and limos.

Do you have more suggestions? Be sure to share your wedding tips in the comments below. For more on public health weddings or to see what else APHA pins, visit us on Pinterest.