APHA Storify: Expo-nentially awesome
It can be tempting to spend your entire time at APHA’s 143rd Annual Meeting and Exposition in session after session. After all, there are hundreds to choose from, covering topics as varied as you can possibly imagine. But you’d only be getting half of the experience.

Health in All Policies in Chicago: Getting kids active
Drive through some streets of Chicago during the summer and you may find a double-dutch jump rope tournament where a line of cars used to be. That’s because since 2012, some of the city’s least busy routes transform into temporary play areas under Chicago’s Play Streets program, an example of coalition building for health presented during Monday’s session on “Chicago Community Partnerships: Local Examples of Integrating Health in All Policies.”

Public health in pictures
The APHA 143rd Annual Meeting and Exposition is in full swing! From top to bottom: Attendees give a smile for Generation Public Health; another bright smile at the APHA photo booth inside McCormick Place Convention Center; a Public Health Expo visitor gets her caricature drawn; and public health folks take a break and a stretch at the APHA Wellness Center. All photos by Michele Late, courtesy The Nation’s Health.

Hold the mushrooms please
“A Moldy Planet: Fungal Infections Are Everywhere,” a Monday morning Annual Meeting session, sounded a bit like the title of an old-school pulp comic. In fact, it made me want to frantically wash my hands. But when I left the session, I felt infinitely better. Public health was on the job.