Georges Benjamin

APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD. Photo by APHA

Statement from APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD:

“Today is an emotional day at APHA after yesterday’s tragic events in San Bernardino, California. This incident of gun violence is deeply personal, as it took place at a county health department celebration.

“At least 16 people are no longer with us and many more were physically injured or emotionally harmed by this senseless attack. We are heartbroken.

“Gun violence is one of the most harmful public health issues in our country, victimizing more than 100,000 people each year. Deaths by firearms have risen every year for almost half a decade. We strongly believe that common-sense measures can reduce the risk of death and injury caused by gun use, starting with our leaders in Congress taking action.

“There is much work we must do to reverse the devastating impact of gun violence on our health, safety and well-being. But for now, I’d like to reiterate our most heartfelt thoughts for San Bernardino communities and our heroes at the county’s public health department. We are with you.”

Check out APHA’s gun violence page for violence prevention resources.