Associated Press via The Washington Post – Highlights of executive actions addressing gun violence
The Obama administration is announcing a series of executive steps aimed at curbing gun violence, including broader background checks and the hiring of additional specialists to process those checks.

NPR – Global Health Forecast For 2016: Which Diseases Will Rise … Or Fall?
No one predicted the Ebola epidemic before it burst forth in 2014 and continued to claim lives throughout 2015. And so, as 2016 begins, readers might well wonder what biological culprits — parasites, bacteria and viruses — are lurking out there, ready to unleash another outbreak of something terrible on an unsuspecting world.
We put the question to four infectious disease experts: What are your best educated guesses about the big global health stories in 2016?

Wall Street Journal – Obama Administration Opposes Texas Abortion Restrictions
The Obama administration Monday urged the Supreme Court to strike down Texas abortion regulations it said effectively would eliminate access to the procedure for large numbers of women across the vast state.
The high court is set to hear argument in March on a 2013 Texas law cracking down on abortion providers by requiring clinics offering the procedure to meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers and doctors who perform it to hold admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.

National Journal – What If Police Killings Were Considered a Public-Health Issue?
The lack of ac­cur­ate, real-time re­port­ing of po­lice killings in the US is caus­ing what con­sti­tutes a pub­lic health is­sue, ac­cord­ing to re­search­ers from the Har­vard T.H. Chan School of Pub­lic Health.
In a re­port pub­lished in PLOS Medi­cine this month, re­search­ers ar­gue that be­cause po­lice killings af­fect more than just the de­ceased, data on these deaths should be re­leased im­me­di­ately as pub­lic in­form­a­tion. The de­ceased’s fam­ily, as well as his or her com­munity, is af­fected by civil un­rest that of­ten tran­spires when mor­tal shoot­ings are not im­me­di­ately pub­licly re­por­ted, such as in the April case of Fred­die Gray, a man who died in cus­tody of the po­lice in Bal­timore.