The Wall Street Journal – Federal Authorities Investigate Chipotle Outbreak
Federal authorities are conducting a criminal probe tied to an outbreak of foodborne disease at one of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.’s restaurants last year, the company said, raising the stakes in a series of such outbreaks that have battered Chipotle’s sales.
The company said in a securities filing Wednesday that it was served with a grand-jury subpoena in December seeking information about a norovirus outbreak at a Simi Valley, Calif., restaurant in August that sickened 234 people, including 17 employees.

The Washington Post – New U.S. dietary guidelines: Everything you need to know about what to eat/what not to eat
Go ahead and have those eggs. That’s just one piece of good news from the U.S. dietary guidelines released on Thursday. Updated every five years, the government recommendations have been credited — or blamed (depending on whom you ask) — for shaping the eating habits of generations of Americans.
The 2015 revision contains a few radical changes, such as removing recommendations to limit intake of cholesterol-rich foods and adding a reference to coffee as potentially being part of a healthy diet. But the real difference, nutritionists say, is that eating well no longer just means cutting back on fat or calories — a simple idea that has been promoted for decades but has left us fatter and sicker than ever. It’s now about having a healthy pattern of eating.

HealthDay News – Mexico’s Soda Tax Linked to Reduced Consumption
A tax on sugary drinks in Mexico may have led to a significant decrease in sales of the beverages, a new study says.
And that might have implications for the fight against obesity.

NPR – Study Finds Birth Control Pill Use Isn’t Associated With Birth Defects
Pregnant women worry about all kinds of things. Can I drink alcohol? (No.) Can I take antidepressants? (Maybe.) Can I do the downward dog? (Yes.)
Now there’s one less thing to fret about: harm to the baby when the mother takes birth control pills right before conceiving, or during the first few months of pregnancy.