Setting “ambitious but achievable targets” to improve health and well-being, a new global strategy aims to serve as a road map to ending all preventable deaths among women, children and adolescents.

“It is so basic and so simple, to want a life where you are not discriminated against, where you have equal access to health services, education and employment opportunities,” said World Health Organization Director-general Margaret Chan, MD, MPH. “And yet it seems so difficult to achieve. I believe that the world only changes when we are inspired to make those changes. I believe that this generation of adolescents and young people will make those changes.”

The “Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, 2016-2030” was released in September by U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon, MPA. The document outlines why such a strategy is needed and how it aligns with the more broad Sustainable Development Goals. Among the strategy’s “action areas” are country leadership, financing for health, community engagement and research and innovation.

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