The Huffington Post – Why Doctors Are Backing Obama’s Climate Plan
Doctors are backing the Obama administration’s effort to curb carbon emissions in order to slow climate change, which new evidence shows could seriously threaten Americans’ health.
In fact, climate change could cause 11,000 additional premature deaths in the U.S. by 2030, according to a new report from federal agencies.

The New York Times – Global Warming Linked to Public Health Risks, White House Says
Global warming could lead to an increase in allergies and asthma, deaths by extreme heat and the proliferation of insect-borne diseases such as the West Nile virus, according to a scientific report released Monday by the White House.
The conclusions of the report on the health effects of climate change in the United States are not new. But Obama administration health officials, including Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, the surgeon general, said the study, which was reviewed by the National Academies of Science, offered the strongest evidence to date that links climate change to health risks.

The Washington Post – Blue-ribbon panel named to advise administration on cancer ‘moonshot’
The Obama administration’s cancer “moonshot” initiative took another step forward Monday, as a blue-ribbon panel of leading cancer experts and patient advocates was named to recommend how best to tackle some of the most promising but challenging areas in research today.
The 28 members of the committee represent a who’s who of the cancer world and are experts in a wide range of subjects, including immunology, genomics, biology, diagnostics, bioinformatics, and prevention and treatment. The panel will serve as a working group of the National Cancer Advisory Board, which advises the National Cancer Institute.

The Associated Press – Hawaii researchers focus on data to combat Zika virus
As the Zika outbreak takes hold in Latin America, researchers thousands of miles away in Hawaii are using data to figure out where it might spread next.
In the last three months, researchers from the University of Hawaii at the Pacific Disaster Center have focused on combatting the mosquito-spread virus.

Kaiser Health News – By Not Discussing Cost Issues, Doctors, Patients May Miss Chances To Lower Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
Talking about money is never easy. But when doctors are reluctant to talk about medical costs, a patient’s health can be undermined. A study published in Monday’s Health Affairs explores the dynamics that can trigger that scenario.
Patients are increasingly responsible for shouldering more of their own health costs. In theory, that’s supposed to make them sharper consumers and empower them to trim unnecessary health spending. But previous work has shown it often leads them to skimp on both valuable preventive care and superfluous services alike.