Medscape – Artificially Sweetened Drinks in Pregnancy Tied to Higher Infant BMI
Daily maternal consumption of artificially sweetened beverages (ASBs) during pregnancy was linked to a 0.20-unit rise in infant body mass index (BMI) z score and a twofold higher risk for overweight, according to a new study of 2413 mother–infant dyads.
“To our knowledge, our results provide the first human evidence that artificial sweetener consumption during pregnancy may increase the risk of early childhood overweight,” the researchers write. They note that more than half of Americans report consumption of the drinks in which nonnutritive sweeteners have replaced sugar.

NBC News – Malaria Vaccine Protects Half Who Try It
An experimental malaria vaccine appears to protect half of the people who tried it for as long as a year — an effect greater than the only licensed vaccine now available, researchers said Monday.
It’s the first big success for a tiny company that’s been working out of a Maryland strip mall for a decade, and offers some real hope to fighting an infection that kills half a million people a year, most of them children.

The Wall Street Journal – FDA Seeks to Redefine ‘Healthy’
What’s healthier than a Pop-Tart?
Not almonds, according to today’s regulatory rules. That could change as the Food and Drug Administration kicks off a review of the 1990s official definition of “healthy” at the urging of food companies and lawmakers.

NPR – Notorious FDA? Feds Turn To Hip-Hop To Tamp Down Teen Smoking
The federal government is getting into hip-hop — well, sort of.
For its latest anti-tobacco campaign, the Food and Drug Administration is trying to harness hip-hop sounds, style and swagger to reach black, Hispanic and other minority teens — who disproportionately suffer the consequences of smoking.