APHA’s Control of Communicable Diseases Manual now offers a chapter on the Zika Virus, available through a new online subscription. The manual is also available in print and for mobile and Web, but those platforms do not include the new chapter. Image courtesy APHA

As the public health community continues to ramp up efforts to address the Zika virus, it has a new tool at its disposal. APHA’s renowned “Control of Communicable Diseases Manual” — or “CCDM” — now offers a standalone chapter on the virus.

Similar to its treatment of the more than 130 other diseases included in the manual, CCDM’s Zika chapter organizes the latest expert guidance in one compact, easy-to-navigate source. It identifies clinical features of the virus, including signs and symptoms of infection along with possible complications such as rare neurological effects and congenital birth defects. The chapter provides information about disease diagnosis, range of occurrence, incubation period, risk groups and modes of transmission as well as guidance on preventing the spread of Zika, management of the patient and patient contacts, and reporting requirements.

“The emergence of the Zika virus is among the most troubling developments of the early 21st century,” said David Heymann, MD, global infectious disease expert and editor of the manual. “We have taken great measures to develop expert guidance based on the latest science to help public health professionals and affected communities prepare for and respond to this threat.”

The Zika chapter is available through a new online subscription, which provides access to full text of chapters with links to references and resources. While the 20th edition of the manual is still available in print and for mobile and web, digital subscribers have access to new and revised chapters as they become available such as the Zika chapter. Up to one-third of the book will be updated each year. An image and video bank will soon be added along with other dynamic content.

“As mosquito season looms in the northern hemisphere, this key update to ‘CCDM’ couldn’t be more timely,” said Georges C. Benjamin, MD, executive director of APHA in a news release. “This new standalone Zika chapter puts the latest knowledge at the fingertips of the people who are on the frontlines of controlling disease.”

To order or subscribe to “Control of Communicable Diseases Manual,” visit The Zika chapter and subscriptions are available only from the online platform.