Associated Press via ABC News – Citizen-Scientists: Uncle Sam Wants You to Fight Zika!
The mosquitoes that can spread Zika are already buzzing among us. The U.S. government could use some help figuring out exactly where.
No experience is necessary for what the U.S. Department of Agriculture envisions as a nationwide experiment in citizen-science. Teenagers already have proven themselves up to the task in tryouts involving a small number of high school students and science teachers.

Infection Control Today – Rapid Diagnostic Test and Shorter Treatment Signal New Hope for Multidrug-Resistant TB Patients
New World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations aim to speed up detection and improve treatment outcomes for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) through use of a novel rapid diagnostic test and a shorter, cheaper treatment regimen.
“This is a critical step forward in tackling the MDR-TB public health crisis,” said Dr. Mario Raviglione, director of WHO’s Global TB Program. “The new WHO recommendations offer hope to hundreds of thousands of MDR-TB patients who can now benefit from a test that quickly identifies eligibility for the shorter regimen, and then complete treatment in half the time and at nearly half the cost.”

Kaiser Health News – Five Health Issues Presidential Candidates Aren’t Talking About — But Should Be
References to the Affordable Care Act — sometimes called Obamacare — have been a regular feature of the current presidential campaign season.
For months, Republican candidates have pledged to repeal it, while Democrat Hillary Clinton wants to build on it and Democrat Bernie Sanders wants to replace it with a government-funded “Medicare for All” program.

The Baltimore Sun – Kool Smiles offers free dental care to poor Baltimore children
Children without dental insurance came to the Kool Smiles office in Southwest Baltimore Sunday with cavities, gum damage and other mouth maladies.
They were treated and sent home with brushing and flossing advice — but no bill.