APHA has led the battle to combat two significant public health challenges of today: the Zika virus and gun violence. On Tuesday, APHA added Twitter chats to its list of advocacy efforts.

The first chat, using the hashtag “#ZikaInRio,” discussed the role of climate change in the spread of Zika and the virus’ potential effect on the Summer Olympics in Brazil. ESNY sports reporter Kristian Winfield moderated the chat, asking questions about Zika’s transmission and the potential health outcomes for people attending and competing in this summer’s games in Brazil, where CDC reports local mosquito transmission.

APHA weighed in alongside environmental advocacy organization Climate Nexus and Global Health Institute Director Jonathan Patz with tips on preparedness, how to preventing the spread of the virus and which groups of people are at greatest risk.

The second chat, hosted by ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Richard Besser, was called “Gun Violence: A Public Health Crisis” and focused on the consequences of addressing gun control from a public health standpoint. Users utilized the #abcdrbchat hashtag to share public health approaches to gun violence prevention in the United States.

Besser, who has often spoken about the importance of media advocacy in public health, convened gun violence prevention advocacy organizations including Everytown for Gun Safety, States United to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Check out a recap of the chat in Besser’s Storify feature. And visit APHA’s Zika and gun violence pages to learn more about our advocacy and education.