NBC News – Florida may have a second non-travel-related case of Zika
Florida health officials said Thursday they were investigating a second possible case of Zika spread locally, and Brazilian scientists said they feared they may have found a second species of mosquito can transmit the virus. The two Florida cases — one in Miami-Dade county and another in Broward county — both appear to have no connections to travel to Zika-affected areas, and neither appears to have had sexual contact with a Zika-infected patient, but Florida officials are still checking both possibilities.

International Business Times – Female smokers suffer strokes more than men from smoking tobacco products
The health risks that come with smoking cigarettes has been well documented over the decades, with lungs being especially susceptible to smoke inhalation. But a new study has found another key part of the human anatomy could lopsidedly affect women who smoke: The brain. In particular, women who smoke are more likely to experience bleeding on the brain, a condition that is medically known as a stroke called subarachnoid hemorrhaging. In fact, researchers from Finland found, women who smoke at least one pack of cigarettes a day are eight times more likely than their male counterparts to suffer from subarachnoid hemorrhages

Health Affairs – Obamacare premiums are lower than you think
Since the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) health insurance marketplaces first took effect in 2014, news story after story has focused on premium increases for certain plans, in certain cities, or for certain individuals. Based on preliminary reports, premiums now appear set to rise by a substantial amount in 2017. What these individual data points miss, however, is that average premiums in the individual market actually dropped significantly upon implementation of the ACA, according to our new analysis, even while consumers got better coverage. In other words, people are getting more for less under the ACA.

CBS News – Hundreds sickened by Salmonella from pet chickens and ducks
More than 600 people have gotten sick so far this year in outbreaks of Salmonella traced to pet chickens or ducks kept in backyard flocks. And health officials are warning that as tempting as it might be to nuzzle up to a fluffy chick, owners of poultry pets should rein in the affection to protect themselves from illness.