Times-Picayune — (Featuring APHA) Team picked to promote culture of health in New Orleans
New Orleans has a culture that distinguishes it from the rest of the cities in the country. If asked to described what makes the city special, residents and visitors alike would certainly list the music, the dancing, the costuming, the architecture, the cuisine and the people who seem always in the mood to let the good times roll.  But the joie de vivre that animates the city can obscure the poor health and shortened life spans of many of the people who call the city home. In New Orleans, according to a 2013 report from the city’s Health Department, about a third of residents are obese and almost two thirds are overweight.  Rates of stroke, diabetes and hypertension are all significantly higher here than the national average.

Altoonia Mirror — (Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge) Blair receives award for health challenge
Blair County has received a $10,000 award for being one of 50 selected in the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge. “The Blair County Planning Commission has been collaborating with the Healthy Blair County Coalition on an ongoing basis. We were very pleased that they received this grant award and look forward to supporting their efforts. Two of their staff regularly participate in our work group meetings, so this is another example of all of us working toward the same goal of making Blair County a healthier community,” said Colleen Heim, director of the Healthy Blair County Coalition. The challenge is a partnership between the Aetna Foundation, the American Public Health Association and National Association of Counties. The challenge will award $1.5 million in prizes to small and mid-sized cities, counties and federally recognized tribes that are able to show measurable change over several years.

Tech Times — Internet addiction ups risks of other mental health problems
Youngsters spending excessive time on the internet are more likely to suffer from mental health problems including anxiety, inattention, depression, executive functioning issues, impulsiveness and ADHD. Researchers at McMaster University in Canada included 254 students for their study on the effects of internet and social media use in university-age individuals.

Fox News — Florida expands Zika zone in Miami Beach after 5 new cases
State officials in Florida on Friday tripled the active Zika transmission zone in the trendy seaside community of Miami Beach after five new cases of the mosquito-borne virus believed to cause a severe birth defect were identified in the area. The active transmission zone grew from 1.5 square miles to 4.5 square miles and consists of a large portion of the popular tourist destination, Florida Governor Rick Scott said in a statement on Friday evening. Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine told the Miami Herald that the city will begin truck-spraying of larvicide in the zone on Saturday. “We have a serious problem,” he told the newspaper. “Once again, we must take all reasonable and safe action to eliminate this. This is a problem.”