CBS News – Paralyzing illness is striking more U.S. kids
A rare condition that causes paralysis is on the rise in American children, health officials reported this week.
“We do have an uptick in cases of acute flaccid myelitis in 2016. Fifty confirmed cases reported to us in 24 different states,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pediatrician Dr. Manisha Patel told CBS News.

NPR – Has The Human Life Span Hit The Ceiling?
Human life spans have been increasing for decades thanks to advances in treating and preventing diseases and improved social conditions.
In fact, longevity has increased so much in recent decades that some researchers began to wonder: What is the upper limit on human aging?

The Huffington Post – DEA Is Cutting Production Of Prescription Opioids By 25 Percent In 2017
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is moving to curb the national opioid epidemic by slashing the production of a number of popular prescription painkillers.
In a notice published Wednesday in the federal register, the DEA finalized a previous order on 2017 production quotas for a variety of Schedule I and II drugs, including addictive narcotics like oxycodone, hydromorphone, codeine and fentanyl. The agency has the authority to set limits on manufacturing under the Controlled Substances Act.