BBC News – World Health Organization backs tax on sugary foods and drinks
The World Health Organization (WHO) has added its support to countries which place a “sugar tax” on soft drinks.
A new report from the body found that raising prices by 20% or more results in lower consumption and “improved nutrition.”

The Wall Street Journal – Students Flood College Mental-Health Centers
On a recent Thursday afternoon at Ohio State University, about 30 students sit in a classroom listening to instructor Kipp Pietrantonio lecture. “Imagine you were just handed your physics test, what would happen?” he asks.
“You sweat,” calls out one student.

NPR – Rethinking Automatic Insurance Coverage For Preventive Health Care
Three doctors who have led a task force that evaluates preventive medical services say the group’s recommendations shouldn’t be tied by law to insurance coverage.
The former chairmen of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force say the link between medical recommendations and insurance coverage leads to financial incentives that can corrupt the process and distort people’s health care decisions.