The New York Times  Trump’s F.D.A. pick could undo decades of drug safeguards
Mr. Trump has been vetting candidates to run the F.D.A., among them Jim O’Neill, a former HHS official who has argued that companies should not have to prove that their drugs work in clinical trials before selling them to consumers. Other candidates include Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former F.D.A. official with longstanding ties to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and Dr. Joseph Gulfo, a former biotech and medical device executive.

Reuters  Czechs cull up to 20,000 poultry as bird flu outbreak spreads
Czech authorities ordered a cull of up to 20,000 ducks and other poultry at a producer in the south of the country on Monday in the biggest single case of this year’s bird flu outbreak. The H5N8 bird flu strain is deadly for poultry but has never been found in humans and cannot be transmitted through food.

The Washington Post  Scientists plan to march on Washington — but where will it get them?
On April 22    Earth Day    thousands of scientists will leave their labs and take to the streets to rally on behalf of publicly funded, openly communicated, evidence-based research. The idea was galvanized by recent news that President Trump’s administration was instructing government researchers not to communicate with the public.

Kaiser Health News — Women fear drug they used to halt puberty led to health problems
Thousands of parents chose to inject their daughters with Lupron, which was approved to shut down puberty in young girls but also is commonly used off-label to help short kids grow taller. More than 10,000 adverse event reports filed with the FDA reflect the experiences of women who’ve taken Lupron. The reports describe everything from brittle bones to fibromyalgia and faulty joints.

The Wall Street Journal    Hospitals fear changes to health law, press GOP on revenue concerns
Hospital executives are descending on Washington with a message: They are concerned about losing insured patients and revenue under any plan to dismantle or significantly alter the Affordable Care Act. Hospitals say they want Congress to restore billions of dollars in federal funding they lost when the ACA took force.