APHA’s Get Ready Campaign — Share the preparedness love with new Get Ready Valentine’s Day e-cards
APHA’s Get Ready campaign has 13 new preparedness-themed Valentine’s Day e-cards for you to share with the people you love! From cute and fuzzy animals to fun memes, there’s a card for everyone in our new lineup. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness about emergency preparedness. Whether it’s for a buddy or your significant other, they will appreciate knowing you care about their health and happiness because that, THAT is real love. You can email, tweet or post them to Facebook — or even print them out. Just visit our Valentine’s Day e-card page, pick your favorites and spread some awareness and love!

The Washington Post  Disease ‘superspreaders’ accounted for nearly two-thirds of Ebola cases, study finds
Scientists studying how Ebola spread during the 2014-2015 epidemic in West Africa say superspreaders played a bigger role than was previously known, according to findings published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. If ‘superspreading’ had been completely controlled, almost two-thirds of the infections might have been prevented, scientists said.

Reuters — California lawmaker makes push for health warning labels on soda
A California state senator is taking another stab at introducing a law that would require sugary drink manufacturers to put a warning label on their products, the latest effort in the “War on Sugar.” Officials and public health advocates have heightened their criticism of sugar as a key contributor to health epidemics like obesity and diabetes, and California has become a major battleground in the fight against what they say is excessive sugar consumption.

The New York Times — Angry town hall meetings on healthcare law, and few answers
Tough questioning of Republican lawmakers has been driven partly by concerns over healthcare, but also by outrage over Mr. Trump’s presidency. Repeatedly, the questions at town hall meetings around the country showed the challenge that lawmakers have in explaining the effects of repealing the Affordable Care Act, especially now, when Republicans have yet to coalesce around a replacement plan.

Kaiser Health News — California regulator slams health insurers over faulty doctor lists
California’s biggest health insurers reported inaccurate information to the state on which doctors are in their networks, offering conflicting lists that differed by several thousand physicians, according to a new state report. The state wasn’t assessing the accuracy of online provider directories that are used by consumers. But the new report suggests that insurers may be misrepresenting which providers they have under contract or are unable to collect accurate information.

RWJF — Dr. Richard Besser named new president, CEO of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Dr. Richard Besser, former acting director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ABC News’ current Chief Health and Medical Editor, has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the nation’s largest charitable foundation devoted exclusively to health and health care.