The Trump administration’s recent executive order on immigration and the withdrawl of protections for transgender students pose a threat to public health, as they seek to limit human rights and create barriers to health equity. To address the concerns surrounding these policies, APHA issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to defending health and human rights for all.

“APHA champions the health of all people and all communities, and we have a long history of working in support of human rights and dignity,” said Georges Benjamin, MD, executive director of APHA.

“As the largest public health professional society in the world, our membership is comprised of a diverse group of public health practitioners from all backgrounds, who live and work with a wide range of populations in the U.S. and across the globe.

“Health and human rights are inextricably linked. We believe that all people should be valued equally, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status, income or geographic region. When barriers are created to prevent select groups of people from achieving their highest level of health, or preventing them from experiencing basic human rights, all of our communities suffer.

“APHA will continue to be vigilant and push back against policies that threaten basic human rights and put our nation’s health and safety at risk. We are committed to being a strong voice for policies that improve — not diminish — the health of our nation.”