U.S. News and World Report – Gun Violence Is a Public Health Crisis (featuring APHA)
Gun violence is a public health crisis. According to the American Public Health Association, last year gun violence took the lives of almost 33,000 Americans. Another 85,000 Americans sustained injuries from guns, many of them life-shattering. The price tag for gun violence was $229 billion last year for health care, law enforcement, insurance, employment and other costs.
While mass shootings like Sandy Hook Elementary School, Orlando, Virginia Tech and Fort Hood shake the national consciousness and give rise to calls for gun reform measures, most deaths and injuries from gun violence involve fewer than four victims. It happens in our homes, on street corners, at work and at play.

CNN – WHO: These 12 bacteria pose greatest risk to human health
Twelve types of bacteria were deemed “priorities” in urgent need of new antibiotics, according to a list released by the World Health Organization on Monday.
The first list of its kind, it highlights bacteria that global health experts believe pose the greatest threats to human health. The WHO is calling on governments and pharmaceutical companies to prioritize the development of new drugs against them.

NPR – Dentists Work To Ease Patients’ Pain With Fewer Opioids
Firsts can be life changing — think about your first kiss, your first time behind the wheel of a car. But what about the first time you got a prescription for a narcotic?
James Hatzell, from Collingswood, NJ, is now a technology officer for a college addiction treatment program. He didn’t realize it at the time, but that spring day of his junior year of high school — seven years ago — was a pivotal moment in his life.

The Wall Street Journal – How to Get Patients to Take More Control of Their Medical Decisions
For years, patients have been hearing the same message from the health-care industry: Get involved.
They’re told they need to do more to monitor their chronic conditions. They are directed to be more active in deciding what treatments to have, or whether to treat a condition at all.