Kaiser Health News — Tracking air quality block by block
A California environmental advocacy group last week launched a first-of-its kind monitoring project, installing air quality sensors in the densely packed neighborhoods near this city’s port to give the people who live and work there on-the-ground readings of pollutants that can seriously injure their health.

Reuters — Obese teens’ odds of high blood pressure vary by race
Obesity is a strong predictor of high blood pressure early in life, but a U.S study suggests the connection may be stronger for Hispanic and white teens than for adolescents in other racial and ethnic groups.

CNN — Rare brain parasite cases spread in Hawaii
The Hawaii State Department of Health has confirmed six cases of rat lungworm disease on the island of Maui and three cases on the Big Island over the past three months, an official said Monday. No deaths have been reported.

STAT  —  Should you get screened for prostate cancer?
A panel of experts in preventive medicine released a draft proposal Tuesday on screening for prostate cancer. The last time the US Preventive Services Task Force weighed in on prostate cancer screening via blood tests, in 2012, it issued unambiguous advice to physicians: discourage men of all ages from getting tested for levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). That’s still the advice for men older than 70 or younger than 55.