Kaiser Health News — A new worry for smokers’ families: ‘thirdhand smoke’
A recent study in the journal Tobacco Control found high levels of nicotine on the hands of children of smokers, raising concerns about thirdhand smoke, a name given to the nicotine and chemical residue left behind from cigarette and cigar smoke that can cling to skin, hair, clothes, rugs and walls. This thin film can be picked up by touch or released back into the air when disturbed. The researchers examined 25 children who arrived at an emergency room with breathing problems associated with secondhand smoke exposure.

The New York Times — America’s new ‘anxiety’ disorder
For the past decade or so, American anxiety was usually described as either a mental-health issue or a generational style. Psychologically, we were steadily becoming more apprehensive than ever, with — according to the National Institute of Mental Health — 18 percent of people experiencing actual anxiety disorders in any given year. Generationally, the whole social attitude of younger adults changed: If some in the ’90s cultivated an air of depressive slouching, their modern counterparts developed an ethos of relentless worry and agitation.

Vox — Lots of places have just one Obamacare insurer. What if that falls to zero?
Right now there are 16 counties in Tennessee where no health insurer wants to sell Obamacare coverage. Iowa could be next: Half its Obamacare insurers announced this month that they would no longer participate in the marketplace. That leaves 94 of the state’s 99 counties with just one insurer — and regulators there aren’t totally sure that plan, Medica, will stick around.

STAT — ‘They’re just hiding’: Experts say Puerto Rico may be underreporting Zika-affected births
The number of babies born in Puerto Rico with microcephaly and other birth defects caused by the Zika virus appears to be unexpectedly low — so low that experts are beginning to question whether the actual count is being significantly underreported by authorities on the island.