The New York Times — Legal fight could make Kentucky only state with no abortion clinic
As states across the nation enact increasingly aggressive restrictions on abortion, perhaps nowhere has the political climate shifted as much as here in Kentucky, where the E.M.W. Women’s Surgical Center, a squat tan brick building on Market Street, is the state’s sole abortion clinic.

Associated Press — Repeal or spare? Pressure is on moderates over health care
Moderate Republicans face intense pressure on their party’s latest attempt to scrap Democrat Barack Obama’s health care law — from President Donald Trump, House GOP leaders, medical professionals and outside political groups.

CNN — Climate confusion is back, and it’s dangerous
Until Friday night, the eve of the People’s Climate March on Washington, the US government website explained how humans are warming the planet by burning fossil fuels and why that is a huge deal for us and for future generations. Now the page carries an Orwellian message: “This page is being updated.”

Kaiser Health News — Federal money for state-level Zika tracking, prevention may end this summer
Money that has helped states with Zika tracking and education may come to an end by this summer, putting at risk efforts to better understand the mostly mosquito-borne virus and the devastating birth defects associated with it.

CNN — Health problem? Just stop by the vending machine
From diapers to needles to bike helmets, vending machines have been rebuilt to go beyond breath mints and cold soda.