STAT — Trump’s pick to run mental health is poised to shake things up. Even some liberals can’t wait
President Trump’s pick to run federal mental health services has called for a bold reordering of priorities — shifting money away from education and support services and toward a more aggressive treatment of patients with severe psychiatric disorders.

Atlanta Black Star — Are there any solutions to the gun violence problem in the black community? (featuring APHA’s Dr. Benjamin)
It is not too hard to find a story today about the relationship between the African-American community and guns. Typically, these stories paint a complicated and often inaccurate view of the role guns play in the lives of people of color.

Kaiser Health News — CMS gives states until 2022 to meet Medicaid standards of care
The Trump administration has given states three extra years to carry out plans for helping elderly and disabled people receive Medicaid services without being forced to go into nursing homes.

PLOS Blogs — Where do the (3) candidates for the next WHO Director General stand on the most challenging global health issues of the decade?
In just a few weeks, the World Health Assembly will be electing the next Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), replacing Dr. Margaret Chan, of China, who has served in this role since 2007. This is the first time the Director-General will be directly elected by member countries rather than by the WHO’s Executive Board.

Get Ready blog — Fight hunger and support preparedness this Saturday via national food drive
When your postal carrier drops by this Saturday, she or he will be ready to pick up more than just mail. Saturday, May 13, is the national Stamp Out Hunger food drive, during which postal carriers pick up food donations that are set out next to U.S. mailboxes.