The Guardian — Texas seeks unprecedented federal money to defund Planned Parenthood (featuring APHA’s Dr. Benjamin)
Texas will ask the Trump administration to green-light the state’s unprecedented efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, according to documents seen by the Guardian. The request could pave the way for dozens of other states to adopt the same aggressive tactics to defund the nation’s largest reproductive healthcare provider.

Associated Press — Brazil declares end to Zika emergency after fall in cases
Brazil declared an end to its public health emergency over the Zika virus on Thursday, 18 months after a surge in cases drew headlines around the world.

NPR — Focus on infants during childbirth leaves U.S. moms in danger
As a neonatal intensive care nurse, Lauren Bloomstein had been taking care of other people’s babies for years. Finally, at 33, she was expecting one of her own. The prospect of becoming a mother made her giddy, her husband Larry recalled recently — “the happiest and most alive I’d ever seen her.”

The New York Times — Do hand sanitizers really cut down on illness? (featuring AJPH)
The short answer is no one knows, because no one has studied whether hand sanitizers have cut down on the number of infectious diseases among the public at large.