NPR — Texas wants Medicaid funds, right to keep Planned Parenthood from getting any (featuring APHA’s Dr. Benjamin)
The state of Texas excluded Planned Parenthood in 2011 from its women’s health program. That meant foregoing millions of dollars in federal Medicaid money. More than 80 women’s health clinics, most of them not Planned Parenthood, were forced to close in the aftermath. And now Texas wants the Trump administration to open up those federal Medicaid funds once again but still be allowed to restrict their use.

Politico — Bipartisan health care talks pick up steam in Senate
Bipartisan talks to repair Obamacare are gaining traction among a group of Senate moderates, threatening to disrupt strategies from both parties’ leaders to keep members in line.

The Washington Post — EPA asked the public which regulations to gut — and got an earful about leaving them alone
Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency put out a call for comments about what regulations are in need of repeal, replacement or modification. More than 55,100 responses rolled in by the time the comment period closed on Monday — but they were full of Americans sharing their experiences of growing up with dirty air and water, and with pleas for the agency not to undo safeguards that could return the country to more a more polluted era.

Kaiser Family Foundation — Gaps in coverage among people with pre-existing conditions
The American Health Care Act, which has passed the House of Representatives, contains a controversial provision that would allow states to waive community rating in the individual insurance market. In this brief we estimate the number of people with pre-existing conditions who might be affected by such a policy.

The Washington Times — WHO annual global health report shows improvements in cause-of-death records
Half of the world’s deaths are now recorded, the World Health Organization highlighted in its 2017 report on global health statistics, adding that accurate cause-of-death records better help the world body understand health trends and improve health access.

Smithsonian — Why black lung disease is deadlier than ever before (featuring AJPH)
As President Trump prepares to send miners back to work, a once-obsolete illness is once again ravaging coal country.