The Hill — EPA delays Obama air pollution rule by one year
The Trump administration is putting a one-year delay on implementation of a major Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air pollution rule from the Obama administration.

Kaiser Health News — GOP Medicaid cuts hit rural America hardest, report finds
Rural America carried President Donald Trump to his election night upset last November. Trump Country it may be, but rural counties and small towns also make up Medicaid Country — those parts of the nation whose low-income children and families are most dependent on the federal-state health insurance program, according to a report released Wednesday.

The Pump Handle — Trump’s budget is a disaster for public health: ‘If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu’
When you ask public health advocates about President Trump’s recent budget proposal, you typically get a bewildered pause. Public health people don’t like to exaggerate — they follow the science, they stay calm, they face off against dangerous threats on a regular basis. Exaggerating doesn’t help contain diseases, it only makes it harder. So it’s concerning when you hear words like this about Trump’s budget: “devastating,” “not serious,” “ludicrous,” “unfathomable.”

The New York Times Magazine — America’s hidden H.I.V. epidemic (featuring AJPH)
Why do America’s black gay and bisexual men have a higher H.I.V. rate than any country in the world?

Governing — The marketing strategy for unhealthy products: Racially profile (featuring AJPH)
Tobacco and soda companies disproportionately target minority citizens and lawmakers with advertising and lobbying. One city is fed up.