NPR — Is Zika still a problem in Florida and the Caribbean?
There’s no doubt about it: Zika is on the retreat in the Americas. In Brazil, cases are down by 95 percent from last year. Across the Caribbean, outbreaks have subsided. And in Florida, the virus seems to have gone into hiding.Health officials haven’t investigated a new Zika case for more than 45 days in Miami-Dade County.

Vox — Obamacare is in real danger
The Affordable Care Act is in deep trouble — in Washington and large swaths of the country. Senate Republicans began to coalesce around the framework of a plan to repeal and replace the law last week. Their plan would, like the bill the House passed in May, almost certainly cause millions of low-income Americans to lose coverage by ending the Medicaid expansion. It would help the young and healthy at the expense of the older and the sick.

Kaiser Health News — Medical responses to opioid addiction vary by state, analysis finds
Location, location, location. That mantra may apply even when it comes to how opioid addiction is treated. Specifically, patients with private insurance who are diagnosed with opioid dependency or abuse may get different medical services depending on where they live, a white paper to be released in the upcoming week by a national databank indicates.

Kaiser Health News — In Texas, abstinence-only programs may contribute to teen pregnancies
To understand why teen pregnancy rates are so high in Texas, meet Jessica Chester. When Chester was in high school in Garland, Texas, she decided to attend the University of Texas-Dallas. She wanted to become a doctor.

Washington Examiner — Medicaid faces growing pains as possible overhaul looms
Facing the need to balance their budgets next year, states are examining a variety of changes to their Medicaid programs even as Republicans weigh a major spending overhaul to the healthcare program for the poor.