Associated Press – Trump picks Indiana health commissioner for surgeon general

President Donald Trump nominated Indiana’s health commissioner to serve as the next U.S. surgeon general on Thursday, selecting an anesthesiologist who promoted needle-exchange programs while serving under Vice President Mike Pence. Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, said Adams “has extensive experience in health care and has worked on the front lines of public health in Indiana and his status as a working physician will serve him well in leading our nation’s health promotion and disease prevention efforts.”

The Washington Post – You know soda is bad for you. Kick the habit with these tips.

It’s no secret that we shouldn’t be drinking so much soda. Study after study has linked the sweet drink with obesity and Type 2 diabetes, spurring many to switch to artificially sweetened drinks. But even diet sodas have come under fire, with a 2014 study in the American Journal of Public Health suggesting that diet soda isn’t promoting weight loss or helping people take in fewer calories.

Roll Call – CBO: Impact of Senate bill’s Medicaid cuts would grow over time

Federal spending on Medicaid would decrease by 35 percent over the next two decades under the Senate Republicans’ health care measure, according to a Thursday report by the Congressional Budget Office. That compares to a smaller 26 percent decrease after one decade under the legislation. States would need to find different ways to deliver Medicaid services, such as committing more of their own resources to the program, cutting payments to providers and issuers or restricting eligibility for enrollment after the next decade, the report says.

The Hill – EPA head to launch initiative to challenge climate science

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt is leading a formal Trump administration program to “critique” mainstream climate change science. Pruitt is skeptical of the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activity, via greenhouse gases, is far and away the primary cause of climate change. But he’s stated he believes the climate is changing and humans have some role.