The Hill – Trump to make ObamaCare payments to insurers for August
The Trump administration will make key ObamaCare payments to insurers for the month of August, according to a White House spokesman. Insurers have been asking Congress and the administration for certainty that they’ll continue to receive cost-sharing reduction payments (CSRs), which compensate insurers for subsidizing the out-of-pocket costs for low-income enrollees. Instead, the administration has been making the payments on a monthly basis, which total $7 billion for fiscal year 2017. President Trump has threatened to end the payments, saying ObamaCare is on track to “implode.”

The New York Times – Working to close the breast feeding gap
When Dr. Chelsea McKinney became pregnant with her first child nine years ago, she and some of her friends, all African-American, felt that their families weren’t supporting their desire to nurse. Dr. McKinney, of NorthShore University HealthSystem in Evanston, Ill., said that despite decades of the “breast is best” message, African-American women often are not encouraged to nurse as much as white women. She was the lead author of a National Institutes of Health community study published last summer in Pediatrics, which found that the newborns of African-American women were nine times more likely than the babies of white mothers to be given formula in hospitals – a factor the researchers considered a significant contributor to the entrenched disparity in breast-feeding rates between black, white and Hispanic mothers.

NPR – Many nurses lack knowledge of health risks to mothers after childbirth
In recent months, mothers who nearly died in the hours and days after giving birth have repeatedly told ProPublica and NPR that their doctors and nurses were often slow to recognize the warning signs that their bodies weren’t healing properly. A study published Tuesday in MCN: The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing substantiates some of those concerns. Researchers surveyed 372 postpartum nurses nationwide and found that many of them were ill-informed about the dangers mothers face after giving birth.

STAT News – Express Scripts to limit opioids, concerning doctors
The nation’s largest pharmacy benefit manager will soon limit the number and strength of opioid drugs prescribed to first-time users as part of a wide-ranging effort to curb an epidemic affecting millions of Americans. But the new program from Express Scripts is drawing criticism from the American Medical Association, the largest association of physicians and medical students in the U.S., which believes treatment plans should be left to doctors and their patients.

CNN – US teen birth rate drops to all-time low
In the United States, teen-aged moms are increasingly rare. In 2016, the teen birth rate dropped 9 percent compared to the previous year, a new government report published Friday found. This record low for teens having babies continues a long-term trend. The birth rate among teen girls has dropped 67 percent since 1991, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, which presented preliminary data for 2016 based on a majority (99.9 percent) of births.