The New York Times — Medicare for all or state control: Health care plans go to extremes

Important elements in both parties are trying to move beyond President Barack Obama’s health care law, which has always been a complicated, politically difficult mix of government and private health insurance. But they are moving in radically different directions.

NPR — Air pollution from industry plagues Houston in Harvey’s wake

Much of the public health focus in Houston has been on the hazards posed by flood waters, but the city is also facing a crisis in air quality. Even under normal circumstances, “air quality is a big problem in Houston,” says Loren Raun, the chief scientist for the Houston Health Department. “We put out more emissions than any other city.” At least 7 million pounds of pollutants have been emitted in and around Houston as a result of the storm so far, according to an analysis by the Environmental Defense Fund.

Politico — How the Trump administration is reshaping health care — without Congress
While Congress tussles over Obamacare, the Trump administration is quietly pressing ahead with plans to gut major Obama-era rules and relax federal oversight of swaths of the health care industry.

Politico — Health at a planetary scale. Why we should think bigger about public health — way bigger.

While human health is now, by most metrics, better than it’s ever been, ongoing planetary changes threaten to reverse that progress. These threats require a new approach to health research and health policy–a new paradigm that has come to be called “planetary health.”

APHA — Today is deadline to register and save for APHA 2017

Join more than 12,000 public health colleagues and partners in attending the APHA 2017 Annual Meeting in Exposition in Atlanta. Today is the final day to register in advance for discounted registration.