The Washington ExaminerMedical groups call for gun control following Las Vegas shooting
Medical groups on Monday called for restrictions on firearms following the mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed at least 58 people and wounded 515 others. “This terrible tragedy is another reminder that we still need to address the role of gun violence in our country,” Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association.

Kaiser Health NewsLatest snag In ACA sign-ups: those who guide consumers are hitting roadblocks
While health care uncertainty roils Washington, the rest of the country is coasting toward Obamacare season. Open enrollment is just about a month away. But the current landscape is marked by funding cuts and other White House efforts to pull back on Affordable Care Act outreach, which has led some people to brace for what they foresee as the toughest season yet.

The Texas TribuneFlat-fee primary care helps fill niche for Texas’ uninsured
Darrell Kenyon had been punting for years on various medical issues — fatigue, headaches, mood swings. The 43-year-old uninsured carpenter was particularly worried about his blood pressure, which ran high when he checked it at the grocery store. Then he heard about a different type of physician practice, one that provided regular primary care for a monthly fee.

ReutersOxford team to test universal flu vaccine in world first
A seasonal flu vaccine that would be the first in the world to fight all types of the virus is to be tested in a two-year clinical trial involving more than 2,000 patients by researchers in Oxford.

STAT U.S. states are waging a civil war over donated livers. Will a new proposal finally resolve it?
More than 14,000 people are currently seeking liver transplants in the United States, according to UNOS. In 2016, 1,220 people died on waiting lists. The proposal to change the allocation system would broaden sharing of donated livers to a 150-nautical mile radius around the donor hospital, regardless of which organ region a potential recipient lives in.