The New York Times Concussions in teenagers tied to multiple sclerosis risk
Here’s yet another reason to protect young athletes from head trauma: A large-scale new study found that concussions in adolescents can increase the risk of later developing multiple sclerosis.

Newsweek — 30 million newborns could die by 2030, UN study says
The fight against child mortality worldwide is succeeding—but millions of kids are still dying from preventable diseases, malnutrition and a lack of access to adequate hygiene and sanitation according to a new UN report.

NBC News — A silent epidemic of cancer Is spreading among men
A new study found that 11.5 percent of U.S. men were actively infected with oral HPV between 2011 and 2014, and 3 percent of women were. That adds up to 11 million men and 3 million women, the researchers report in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The Washington Post — Josh Gordon, new director of the National Institute of Mental Health, weighs its future
When Joshua Gordon arrived in Washington in July to lead the National Institute of Mental Health, he was confronted with a long-simmering controversy. Scientists and others in the field were divided over whether the largest funder of research into mental illness should be concentrating its grants on high-tech studies of possible future treatments, even cures, or on psychosocial research more likely to help the mentally ill more quickly.

CNN — Kids under 9 spend more than 2 hours a day on screens, report shows
The amount of time young children in the United States spend with mobile screens might raise some eyebrows, as a new report found it has tripled in just four years.