Washington Post – Fifth year’s ACA enrollment season opening with daunting obstacles

In the countdown to the annual ACA enrollment season that starts Wednesday, such ground-level disruption suggests that the first sign-up period of the Trump era could be as daunting as any since the fall of 2013, when the federal website HealthCare.gov debuted with such serious defects that consumers trying to buy insurance were stymied for months.

HealthDay – Teen e-cig use may lead to regular smoking

High school students who use electronic cigarettes are more likely to start smoking regular cigarettes, a new Canadian study finds. “Youth may be trying e-cigarettes before smoking because they are easier to access: until recently, youth could legally purchase e-cigarettes without nicotine, whereas regular cigarettes cannot be sold to young people under 18 years of age,” said study author David Hammond.

Express – Black Death ‘global outbreak’ warning: Plague spreads to nine countries amid experts fears

Health chiefs are scrambling to contain a Black Death outbreak after plague warnings were issued for nine countries across south-east Africa. The latest outbreak is believed to have started on the island of Madagascar off the East African coast where at least 124 people have died and 1,300 more have been infected.

Washington Post – What you need to know about the new shingles vaccine

A more effective vaccine, Shingrix, was licensed by the Food and Drug Administration on Oct. 20. The federal panel that helps guide U.S. vaccination policy on Wednesday recommended the new vaccine for use in adults 50 and older with normal immune systems.