The Washington Post – Senate’s huge tax bill would have potent ripple effects for health-care system

The Republican tax overhaul that squeaked through the Senate early Saturday morning would reach deep into the nation’s health-care system, with a clear dagger to a core aspect of the Affordable Care Act and broader ripple effects that could threaten other programs over time.

The Washington Post – The Health 202: Will CHIP crumble? States are getting really nervous.

Never have lawmakers let funding lapse so long for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, a uniquely bipartisan U.S. safety net program that covers about 9 million low-income children and pregnant women. It’s been two months since the last authorization ran out, and although states had some initial wiggle room in their finances, that window is rapidly closing.

Popular Science – This year’s flu season looks like a bad one—and it could be coming early

When it comes to flu season, the only thing we can be absolutely certain of is this: it will happen every year. We are notoriously bad at predicting pretty much everything about influenza, including the timing and severity of the season, so we rely on small clues to try to get ahead of the virus. And so far, this year’s hints are pointing to particularly nasty—and early—flu season.

The Wall Street Journal – Philippines suspends troubled dengue drug after more than 730,000 immunized

The Philippines suspended a dengue fever vaccine that was given to thousands of children and launched an investigation, after the drug’s manufacturer said new evidence showed it could worsen symptoms in some cases.