The Hill – Greens, health groups sue Trump EPA over missed Obama smog rule deadline

Environmental and health groups sued the Trump administration Monday because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) missed a key deadline in enforcing a major air pollution rule. The groups, including APHA, say the Clean Air Act required the EPA to say which areas of the country are not in compliance with 2015 ozone rule by Oct. 1, but it missed that deadline.

The Washington Post – The moral differences between pro- and anti-vaccine parents

When it comes to persuading parents in the United States who are hesitant about vaccinating their children, the public health messages often rely on facts and science to explain how immunization not only protects those children but also shields other vulnerable people from dangerous infectious diseases. But information campaigns that emphasize fairness or preventing harm sometimes backfire and can worsen vaccine hesitancy, research has shown.

The Washington Post – Hospitals find asthma hot spots more profitable to neglect than fix

But like hospitals across the country, the institutions have done little to address the root causes of asthma. The perverse incentives of the health-care payment system have long made it far more lucrative to treat severe, dangerous asthma attacks than to prevent them. Hopkins, UMMC and other hospitals collected $84 million over the three years ending in 2015 to treat acutely ill Baltimore asthma patients as inpatients or in emergency rooms.

The Daily Beast – Fake news helped spread HIV/AIDS in Russia. Has it stopped?

The process of acceptance took Russia a long time. While authorities looked away, the epidemic of HIV and AIDS spread like fire in a dry forest: 28 regions have more than one percent of population infected with the virus, and Irkutsk is among the three worst hit. More than 200,000 Russians have died from AIDS since the first cases were registered in 1988.