Los Angeles Times – Obamacare sign-ups quicken as final enrollment deadline approaches in many states

Millions of Americans are signing up for 2018 coverage through the Affordable Care Act, defying the Trump administration’s hostility to the law and a year-long campaign by congressional Republicans to repeal it.

STAT – White House tamps down expectations of additional opioid funding this year

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Thursday told reporters she was unsure when Congress would fund new initiatives specific to addressing the opioid crisis.

Scientific American – First snapshot of Zika-affected toddlers portends a life of struggle

Most toddlers who were exposed to Zika in the womb and born with birth defects still suffer from many long-term problems at age two, according to the first report characterizing the longer-term health effects of prenatal exposure to the virus.

NPR – Teens: pretty sober, except for marijuana and vaping

The number of teens abusing drugs is lower than it’s been since the 1990s, according to a national survey.