Washington Post – Trump administration proposes rules for health plans without certain ACA protections

The Trump administration proposed new rules on Thursday to make it easier for small businesses and individuals to buy a type of health plan long favored by conservatives that could bypass some of the insurance protections built into the Affordable Care Act.

STAT – CDC plans session on ‘preparing for the unthinkable’: a nuclear detonation

With the prospect of actual nuclear war breaking out between North Korea and the United States seeming ever more real, the CDC is moving to prepare health professionals and others on what the public health response would be to a nuclear detonation.

Los Angeles Times – L.A. County officials confirm first case of sexually transmitted Zika virus

L.A. County officials said Thursday that a woman had been infected with the Zika virus by her partner in the first case of sexually transmitted Zika virus in the county.

Connecticut Mirror – CDC finds CT Hispanic infant mortality rate among nation’s worst

Georges Benjamin, an internist and executive director for the American Public Health Association, said the biggest cause of the death of a baby in its first year of life is low birth weight. And that, he said, can be a result of many causes. “It’s really complex, it’s really not one thing that is going to cause this,” Benjamin said.

Get Ready – Enjoying the winter weather? Watch out for hypothermia and frostbite

In fact, researchers found last year that even in Texas, which is not known for its harsh winters, cold weather increases risk of death. The risk is especially high for people with heart conditions or breathing problems.